2019 Senior Top Dog: Aliyah Jackson


Reagan Rosenberger, Reporter

Senior Aliyah Jackson is a caring, respectful, and hard working student at Lakeview High School. Jackson came to Lakeview in January of  her freshman year after having lived in Georgia her whole life. She now lives with her grandparents who work for GM.

When Jackson lived in Georgia, she cheered for her school team, but at Lakeview she has pursued other extra-curricular activities. She ran track freshman year and participated in ski club her junior year. To make some extra spending money, Jackson has been working at Avalon for two years as a host, food runner, and server assistant. Jackson also has been in Yearbook for two years now.

Following graduation, Jackson will be attending Cleveland State University majoring in nursing. The reason she wants to be a nurse is because she loves helping people, and when her sister Alicia got sick that motivated her more to help people.

Jackson’s favorite memory of High school is when “I got voted to be on prom court last year.”

Jackson has a few words for the underclassmen, “Live in the moment, don’t be in a rush to grow up, and don’t be afraid to choose a class song that’s from music today.”