Prom’s Coming Soon!


Chase Stuber, Reporter

With Lakeview’s 2019 prom coming up on May 17, many juniors and seniors are very excited. The theme is called “Rustic Romance” which pays tribute to the great outdoors; however, the executive committee is looking at choosing a different name for the theme while keeping the same rustic, outdoorsy decorating style.

So far, the executive committee has already planned the prom at St. Demetrios banquet hall in Warren. They also arranged to have a photo booth so students can capture memories with their friends. Providing music will be DJ Shan along with decorations from Andersons. After everything is paid for and decorated the total cost will come to $11,275 dollars. Most seniors are looking forward to prom because it will be their last dance and memorable moments in high school.

Junior class and prom adviser Joshua Murphy said, “After hosting a few previous proms, this is the one I am most excited for. When I first started teaching here this senior class was my first group of students, so it’s exciting to see them move forward and enjoy their last prom.”

Senior Jensen Gill said, “I’m really excited for prom this year, but I’m sad that it’s all coming to an end.”