2019 Senior Top Dog: Graham Bollenbacher


Jensen Gill, Reporter

Lakeview High School senior Graham Bollenbacher has stood out academically throughout the whole of his high school career. He has achieved a 3.9 GPA and will soon be graduating with honors through the state and the school. Bollenbacher has been a Lakeview student since kindergarten and has mastered the perfect study habits and mentality to maintain his outstanding grade point average.

When asked how he stays motivated during school, Bollenbacher replied with, “I stay motivated by communicating with friends and remembering that all my studying will pay off soon.” He shows that having fun and doing well in school don’t have to be separate. Bonding with friends in school can keep you inspired to do well and even create a little competition between each other simultaneously.

Bollenbacher will be furthering his education next year at Youngstown State University majoring in business administration. However, he is currently undecided about his occupation following college graduation.

He is a great senior to look up to as he has demonstrated quality academic ability while being involved in extracurriculars and multiple college credit plus classes. He is a member of National Honors Society and has an outstanding total of 14 college classes since his junior year.

Along with his dedication to schoolwork, he also spends his summer working at Flex-Strut in Warren, Ohio. Bollenbacher showcases extreme dedication to his work and studies and will soon be very successful in all he pursues in the future.

Obviously, Bollenbacher is one of Lakeview’s Top Dogs for a reason. He is one of the most focused, organized, and intelligent young men that we have in our school district and many lessons can be learned from his hard work.

As Bollenbacher’s senior year comes to an end, he wants to remind the underclassmen to “Learn from your mistakes and make the most out of your four years in high school.”