2019 Senior Top Dog: Tony Crish


Chase Stuber, Reporter


2019 Senior Tony Crish is seen as a very competitive and outgoing character. He has been enrolled in the Lakeview system his whole life. He also plans to attend Youngstown State University and continue to put hard work towards playing football. He lettered in football all four years at Lakeview and even participated in track and ski club.

I asked Crish how he feels about his future in football and he answered by saying, “Hopefully the path of YSU will help me to become a better man along with teaching me discipline and respect among my family, friends, and myself.”

He also mentioned that his biggest inspiration and supporter is his Grandpa Crish along with his family and friends. He hopes that with his future plans he still finds time to hang with his friends. Crish is looking forward to starting his future at YSU and adding to the legacy he started.

I also asked Crish what his best experience was during high school, he simply replied with, “Just being around the group I grew up with over the years. They hold me down and helped me through hard times. Every time I’m with my group of friends it’s a new best experience.”