2019 Senior Top Dog: David Mauzy


Reagan Rosenberger, Reporter

Senior David Mauzy is a caring, intelligent, and hardworking student. He has been to many other schools, but Lakeview High School is his favorite.

“I am so happy I ended up at Lakeview because I love my teachers, students, and principals,” said Mauzy.

Mauzy is involved in many activities at Lakeview High school. This year in track he is competing in long jump, 100 meter dash, and 200 meter dash. He has been very successful in those events, leaving a mark on the team.

Mauzy is also very involved in the LET club, and has contributed many volunteer hours through club activities. He helps others at the school on a daily basis.

I have known Mauzy for quite sometime and I can say he is one of the most loving and friendly people I have ever met. He will always put a smile on anyone’s face. He’s always helping anyone that needs it.

Mauzy is a hardworking student with a lot of heart inside school, but he also works at Shepherd of the Valley nursing home helping others outside of school.  While he enjoys his job, he plans to continue with more education by going to TCTC for job training after high school graduation.

Mauzy said his favorite high school memory is “When I got to go on mall field trips.”

His advice to the underclassmen: “Don’t do drugs and try your hardest at school.”

When I asked Mauzy what he hoped people will remember about him most, he replied, “My smile. I try to be friendly to everybody.”