Bulldogs Welcome Our New Superintendent


Athena Anastasiadis, Reporter

For all Lakeview students, Robert Wilson had been our superintendent since the day we started school, and he led our faculty, students, and entire school community to be the best school in the area in so many ways.

One of the way that we are the best is in welcoming new people into our community. The Bulldog Bulletin wants to welcome new superintendent Jo Taylor to Lakeview, and while we have no doubt she will find many things to like about her new job, we thought of providing a start by sharing what’s great about this school from a student perspective and to do so, we thought of asking students to share what they like about Lakeview. So, we created an online survey asking students of all grades to answer “What is the best part of Lakeview?” and we got a variety of responses!

2019 Senior Sydney Matteotti answered that the best part is, “having teachers and principals who genuinely care about how you do in school and genuinely want to help you.

Lakeview student at TCTC Donald Van Horn recalls how Lakeview gave him a great start in life, “I think the best part of Lakeview is the teachers and staff. I think the staff worked their butts off to make the students who they are today. Lakeview is one of the best schools in the county. I myself have built relationships with the staff and teachers and have made friends with the other students there.”

Another 2019 senior, Frankie Merkel said, “Lakeview is different than any other school. The students and staff are far above average. I hope to see Lakeview stay that way and continue its tradition of being the best school in the area.”

While Lakeview is strong academically, for a small school we offer a variety of activities to help students grow in many ways.

While 2019 graduate Sean Galela lists “the arts” at the top of Lakeview greats, 2019 fellow graduate Courtney Arcuri narrows it down to “the band” as being the place where Lakeview truly shines, but junior Caitlin Kachurik feels “the athletics” is where it’s at for Lakeview.

Junior Seth Totten sums it up as all being great: “The track and football teams, the band program, Don Richards stadium, the community support.”

Junior Aja Stewart added, “The best parts of Lakeview are Homecoming, Winter Wonders, pep rallies, watching the school plays, and spending time with friends.”

While 2019 graduate Summer Betts chimed in with “Snow Days!” this is actually a sore subject for Lakeview students. Let’s just say we have excellent driving skills even in treacherous weather.

Senior Felix Burgos said, “I like Lakeview for its variety of classes, and I don’t know why but I really like the media center for some reason, I used to always go there to work on things or just chill at lunch with my friends. It’s a nice media center; I especially like the dry erase boards and such.

Sophomore Anna Ryder explained her answer with, “The best part of Lakeview is how actively involved our students are in the community and in school activities.”

2019 graduate Beady Titus responded that, “We have the best teachers around. The CCP program is great!”

We have an amazing guidance office who is always willing to help students with academic and personal problems, especially for seniors around the scholarship application period they provide amazing assistance.

Our principals are also the best and always open to student opinions or requests. As Junior Jeffrey Jiang puts it, “Lakeview listens to their students to the best of their ability.

Our faculty wants to see us succeed by providing endless opportunities, and that truly is the best part. 2019 graduate Haylee Huffman summed it up by saying that “Everything!” about Lakeview is great.

Once again we welcome you to this excellent district! Don’t worry about fitting in, as 2019 graduate Mikaela McKenzie says, “Everyone is very accepting and will make you feel so welcome and like this is where you belong.”