Preview of the Hottest Styles For Prom This Year!


Two prom dress styles from last year.

Breann Streets, Reporter

Prom is the most exciting dance to attend at Lakeview High School. This dance is for Juniors and Seniors only. The most exciting part of prom, especially for girls, is dress shopping. The moment all girls are waiting for is to find the perfect prom dress.

Although girls start looking for the perfect dress early, the search can quickly get overwhelming. There are hundreds of options out there from glamorous ball gowns to trendy suits. The most common length style is a long gown.

Of course, every girl wants to have the best dress, and every boy wants to have the coolest tux. Some years themes for dresses are the same like floral or a plain red or blue dress, but the people with the outstanding dresses are the ones who break the style. This goes for the guys as well.

I asked some of our classmates what their style will be this year.

Senior Athena Anastasiadis said “Bling!” Most girls have bling on their dresses, that is pretty popular.

Junior Morgan Jankovich said her style is “sassy and sharp!” This is Jankovich’s first prom, so she is excited to show off her dress.

Senior Leah Manns told me her style was “Rose Gold and beautiful.”

Prom styles come and go, and every year other popular trends appear as well that do not only apply to dresses but also accessories and hair. In addition, girls will go to great lengths to look good putting jewels on everything and putting up to 50 bobby pins in their hair just so it will stay up during the exciting evening.

We could go from trend to trend every year, but it will always be a night to remember no matter what you look like.