2019 Senior Top Dog: Hunter Ainsley


Reagan Rosenberger, Reporter

Senior Hunter Ainsley is a caring, loving, and hardworking student who has attended Lakeview schools her whole life. She has been very active throughout the years playing softball until freshman year, dancing since she was two, and cheering through senior year. Ainsley also works at Francesca’s doing what she loves – working in fashion.

Ainsley has also won many awards in her activities which shows all her hard work. In dance she has won awards for a ballet scholarship and for the most dedicated dancer. For cheer, Ainsley’s awards were dance diva, performing awards, and hardest worker. All these show how she cares deeply and works hard at all her activities.

After High school Ainsley plans on attending Cosmetology school at Raphael’s. She is going there because she loves doing hair and make-up and making people feel good about themselves.

Ainsley’s favorite high school memories are “Senior homecoming, dancing and laughing with my friends.”

Her give advice to the underclass is to, “ Always he yourself and stay true to yours,elf regardless of the other around you.”