Grad Party Trends Remain Traditional for 2019 Seniors

Haylee Huffman, Reporter

As school is ending and summer is beginning, graduation parties are approaching soon. Graduation parties are a fun way to celebrate all of the graduate’s hard work. There’s family and friends, food, and a trip down memory lane to be excited about. So many factors go into planning a graduation party such as when, where, what themes, and what other creative ideas can be added to make the best party. So, what are the trends for the class of 2019 graduation parties?

Most of the seniors that I talked to plan to have their parties at some sort of a hall and most plan to have them in the month of June. Some graduation parties are scheduled for later in the summer and a small number of seniors have decided not to have a graduation party at all.

Senior Karlynn Baker said, “I’m not having a graduation party, but I am sending announcements. I think a graduation party is unnecessary.”

The most common trend among Lakeview seniors is having the traditional graduation open house, where an open invitation is issued and anyone and everyone can come and celebrate with them. However, there are some graduates that are having invitational only grad parties, so make sure to check on the type of party before you just drop in!

As for the ideas, there are lots of creative ways to add to the graduation party to make it more fun and personal.

Senior Carson Hackenson said, ” I’m having a huge candy table with lots of different options instead of cupcakes or a cake.”

Be sure to take the time to have fun with the seniors!

Carson Hackenson
Karlynn Baker