2019 Senior Top Dog: Haylee Huffman


Bailee Yale, Reporter

Senior Haylee Huffman is a hardworking honor roll student at Lakeview High School who has attended Lakeview her whole life. She is a hard-working, kind, and loyal student and friend.

Huffman has participated in many different types of clubs through the years such as Youth-led Prevention, S.T.A.N.D, Writing Center, and French club as well as involvement in many other extra-curricular activities.

In her free time when she isn’t working on her academics or school clubs, Huffman is working at Pizza Hut or helping out the community at Bolindale Christian Church.

Huffman has been taking a lot of CCP courses from last year to this year. She has earned college credit in Communications, College Algebra, Literature and Diversity, College Writing l, Microeconomics, and Investigations into Social Class. These courses will help her throughout her next years of college.

Working as an F.B.I intelligence analyst is in Huffman’s future plans. Next year she will attend Hiram College working on a double major in Criminal Justice and Sociology. Paying for college is always a concern, but so far in scholarships, Huffman has received 14,000 dollars per year based on her academic record.

Huffman’s quote to the underclassman is “Don’t sweat about your future now. Eventually, you’ll find your path.”