Prom Day Kicks Off with Pancake Breakfast

Prom Day Kicks Off with Pancake Breakfast

Carina Nicholas, Reporter

Everyone loves pancakes and sausage, right? Well, how about Prom? Yes, and Yes!! The Lakeview High School tradition of a pancake breakfast for the Juniors and Seniors is a great way to start the morning of Prom and begin what will become a full day of fun. There is much celebration in this event and it goes on every year to help set the mood for the night of the dance

The breakfast bash costs $5 per person and is hosted by the Publications class and is the only fundraiser for the Newspaper – The Bulldog Bulletin –  portion of class. The profit made from this one event pays for the online newspaper costs for the following entire year.

Each student in the publications class is required to participate in some way. There are cooks, who cook the pancakes on their own griddles that are brought in personally. Mixers, who mix the batter to keep the pancakes coming out smoothly. Servers, who plate the pancakes and sausage. Milk & Juice attendants, who make sure the milks and juices are full and only one beverage is taken by each student. And our money attendants, which are our editors – Aliyah Jackson & Kelsey Lucas – who will take the money at the door. 

Lakeview administrators and Nurse Maureen Paczak with Youth Led Prevention will once again take time after the breakfast, while all the prom goers are gathered together, to remind us of the importance of safety on the roads and avoiding impaired driving. Last year, in 2018, the family of former student Lauren Szwedko visited to talk with students about the immense heartache they have endured after Lauren was struck and killed by an impaired driver. The program is an awareness program for those teenagers who think they are invincible and also shows that anything can happen in a matter of seconds.