Seniors Ready to Take on Play CLE for Senior Trip!


Chase Stuber, Reporter

Most Seniors are very excited for our Senior trip at the Play CLE adventure park! It is the largest indoor adventure park in the nation and it’s even located right here in Cleveland, Ohio! It has over 25,000-square-foot facility features a mix of challenging, fun and entertaining attractions guaranteed to keep you moving all year round.  Play CLE  helps you have fun running, jumping, climbing and testing your skills in ways you wouldn’t believe were possible indoors.

The prices for under 18 is $20 and adults are $25. Mr. Shanower has put together this senior trip giving us two meals – one when we get there and dinner when we get back. With the assistance of the school we have a ride there and back. All for the price of $50.

I asked a couple of seniors how they feel about the senior trip.

Senior AJ McClellan said, “I’m very excited to spend the day with my friends goofing around at Play CLE. I’m always looking for a good time and can’t wait to see what this day brings.”

Senior Lincoln White said, “Its good we can all get together and enjoy it as a class. Not only am I excited for this trip but I’m excited to spend it with people that mean the most to me.”