2019 Top Dog: Leah Manns


Breann Streets, Reporter

Senior Leah Manns celebrated every young girl’s dream this past weekend and that is being crowned 2019 Lakeview High School Prom Queen. This capped off twelve years of being a good friend to many in the Lakeview School District.

Manns’ favorite activity throughout high school was participating in band. She was a member of both the Lakeview High School Marching Bulldogs and the Lakeview Concert Band for four years. In honor of her hard work she was awarded a varsity letter in band.

When marching band is out of season, Manns likes to work at an after school job. She has previously worked at Pizza Joe’s for a year and is currently working at Taco Bell for about a year and a half now. When Manns does get a break from work or school she enjoys reading, sleeping, hanging with friends, and most importantly writing.

Manns said Senior year has taught her “Time management.”

I asked Manns who inspires her the most and she said, “My friends inspire me the most because they have gone through high school and have become such successful people in life.”

Manns would like to tell the underclassmen to find fun activities in school beyond the classroom, “No matter how much you procrastinate or how many hours you study, it doesn’t matter if you don’t get to experience high school.”

Manns plans after school are to figure it out as she goes. Manns is not quite sure what she wants to do, but I wish her the best of luck!