Mrs. Morgan Plans an Exciting Retirement


Kelsey Lucas, Editor

Lakeview teacher Elaine Morgan has taught in the school district for 18 years and has recently announced her retirement. Morgan has had a very impactful and fulfilling career at Lakeview during which she has taught various math courses, including Pre-Algebra, Algebra 1, Geometry, Algebra 2, and AP Calculus. Morgan taught her “first 17 years at the high school building, and this year at the new k-8 building – with air conditioning!” Along with being a math teacher, she was previously the adviser for National Honors Society for 7 years and the Senior Class Adviser for 4 years.

Morgan commented that she has many fond memories from her teaching career, most which include her day-to-day interactions with her students. “It’s nice to watch them grow and mature, both socially and academically. In fact, several of my former students have gone on to become math teachers.”

Not only have the students made Morgan’s memories so special, but the teachers have also helped in doing so. “All of the teachers I have worked with have been such terrific people. I will always remember the good times we had together, especially, the ladies dinners and get togethers that we have a couple of times a year. They are always a lot of fun.”

As she finishes up the rest of the year, Morgan already has some plans for when she retires. “After I retire, I plan to spend more time helping take care of my mother who is almost 93 years old. I also have a couple of trips planned. First, my cousins are having a reunion in Florida in October that I’m looking forward to attending. Also, my oldest grandson is graduating from high school in Georgia next May. I definitely cannot miss that momentous occasion. Along with traveling, I plan to do more reading and devote more time to a couple other hobbies.”

As we can all use some words of advice in high school, I asked Morgan what she would pass along to students to help them in their high school careers. She explained that she would encourage the students that “Anyone can do math – it just requires practice. The more time you put in, the better you will be – just like practicing in a sport or playing a musical instrument. Don’t be discouraged. Instead, learn from your mistakes.”

Although Morgan will be greatly missed among the district, we wish her best of luck on her future endeavors and thank her for the impact she has made at Lakeview.