2019 Senior Top Dog: Dawson Brown


Reagan Rosenberger, Reporter

Senior Dawson Brown is a lifetime Bulldog, having attended Lakeview Schools since kindergarten. Brown enjoys a variety of activities outside of school such as basketball, hunting, fishing, and playing video games. In sports, he earned a 1 year letter for basketball and also is the hype man of the team. But he is most widely known as one of this year’s student spirit section leaders at the football games.

Brown plans on attending Kent State University to major in Occupational therapy. He says that he has a real desire to work in the therapy field because he wants to help people who are injured or ill regain the ability to do the activities they use to enjoy.

While Brown has many memories of high school, his favorite one is, “Basketball tournaments with the team.”

This is one senior who has no doubts he will be remembered at Lakeview. When asked Brown how he would leave his mark on Lakeview, he replied, “I’m a Boss.”

While many students are wishing their days in high school could just hurry up and end, Brown urges younger students not to wish their time away. His advice to the underclassmen is, “Don’t rush through high school, this is the easy life.”