2019 Senior Top Dog: Carter Huff


Jensen Gill, Reporter

Lakeview High School senior Carter Huff is a well-educated, inspiring student that will soon be furthering his education at Kent State University. KSU is lucky to be getting a student like him. His priorities are straight and he is well known for the outstanding work he delivers in and out of the classroom.

Huff will be graduating with honors with a 3.9 GPA. He has presented outstanding study habits time and time again which showed through his work in the 9 college courses he has already completed. Huff took advantage of Lakeview’s College Credit Plus program and earned college credit for Writing 1, Writing 2, College Algebra, Calculus, Chemistry, Physics, Film, Communications, and Microeconomics.

Even while balancing all of the school work, Huff still made time for extra curricular activities. He has participated in basketball, junior exec., senior beta, and youth led. On top of this, he even works at B&K, a local food market.

In the fall, Huff will officially be a Kent State Golden Flash.

When asked why he decided on attending Kent, he said, “I want to go to Kent because it is a big school but it’s affordable and Kent has a great aviation program.”

Huff also mentioned his “goals for college are to graduate in three years and to participate in intramural sports.”

Following college graduation Huff “wants to work in an airport or for an airline.”

It is apparent that Huff knows what he wants and this confidence will lead to endless success in all he pursues in the future.