2019 Senior Top Dog: Summer Betts


Breanna Hipkins , Reporter

Senior Summer Betts strives to be the best she can be and to help make Lakeview one of the top schools in the county. Betts is in the band program and has put in an extreme amount of time in order to make herself better, just like she has in school the last year. She has not only left an impact on Lakeview Schools, but also an impact on senior Carson Hackenson and many others.

Hackenson says, “It’s hard to just pick a specific one, but my favorite memories of Summer would be all the late nights and movie nights we had together. We just get to hang out and I get to have a good time with my best friend.”

Betts says that her favorite memory “would be growing with the class of 2019 and seeing how everyone has changed throughout time and what they are achieving now.”

Betts has left an impact on many people throughout her time at Lakeview and will continue to make an impact when she goes to trade school in the fall. She will study to be either a radiology technologist or an X-ray technician. She also wants to pursue her hobby in photography whenever she has the time. Betts will accomplish many goals in the future and The Bulldog Bulletin wishes good luck to her!