2019 Sr. Top Dog: Kayl Geist


Breanna Hipkins , Reporter

Senior Kayl Geist is truly a remarkable student who strives to make himself and the school great. Geist has taken a variety of College Credit Plus classes this year as well as being in band and the Gay-Straight Alliance club. The CCP classes that Geist was enrolled in were General Chemistry I, American Literature and Diversity, College Writing I, and Introduction to Statistics. He maintained all these advances classes and still made the honor roll every nine weeks. Geist truly strives to be the best for himself and his school.

Geist says that his favorite memory will be “going to Peru to help build a weaving center” and what he will miss most about Lakeview “is the amazing people I have met and come to know.”

Lakeview High School, however, won’t be the end of the road for Geist. He will be attending Kent State University main campus this fall for a Bachelors Degree in Chemistry. He aims to finish his Bachelors Degree in three years and move on to his Doctorate in Chemistry. From there he will specialize in carbon technology. If anyone can do it, it is Lakeview Senior Kayl Geist. Good luck on your path of life, you’ll do great things along the way.