The Men Steal the Show with the Hottest Styles of Prom!


Bailee Yale , Reporter

Not only did the girls go all out this year on prom dresses, but the men of the dance also had some fantastic tuxedos this year.

Prom is the most exciting time of year for both senior girls and boys. But it can be a fun and memorable night or it can be turned into a letdown. This year’s prom will be one remember. From taking pictures in the photo booth to dancing on the dance floor with friends, this year’s seniors made the most of their last school dance. Starting off the tone for the entire night was the fantastic styles of the senior boys.

This year the boys stole the show with the variety of colors and styles of tuxedos they chose for the dance. Ones from a floral blue to an all-white tux. Even some of the boys bedazzled their shoes to match their date’s dress! This year out of all the dances at Lakeview, the senior boys came out with a bang with how well they dressed.