2019 Senior Top Dog: Mikaela McKenzie


Carter Gregory, Reporter

Throughout the past thirteen years of school life, the senior class of 2019 has certainly produced an abundance of truly successful students, not only academically but also in the extracurricular realm. One of those students is senior Mikaela McKenzie.

McKenzie has worked nonstop her last four years in high school to achieve greatness, taking on college credit plus courses like College Writing 1 and American Literature her junior year as well as College Writing 2, Film, College Biology, Environmental Science, College Algebra and Trigonometry her senior year. All while doing this she simultaneously spent countless hours outside of the classes working on extracurricular programs.

One such program is the Lakeview Marching Band. McKenzie spent all four of her high school years in marching band. She learned multiple instruments including the Clarinet, Trombone and Tuba. She took the Tuba very seriously and even became the instruments section leader her senior year in band. She spent time as a squad leader for the band mentoring and teaching the underclassmen and also played in Lakeview’s Jazz Blue and Jazz White programs.

McKenzie also has a love for the stage, joining the drama club every year in high school and even in eighth grade. She did the characters’ makeup for Hound of Baskervilles, performed in Aladdin as a beggar, played Marci in Almost Maine, took the role as Meg Trueblood in Treasure Island, and also gave a stellar performance as Lois and Linda in A Night of One Acts. 

As a new path begins to emerge in the Class of 2019’s future, McKenzie has decided to attend Casal Aveda Institute for Cosmetology. The Bulldog Bulletin applauds her for her performance in high school and wishes her good travels as she takes her next step into life.