2019 Senior Top Dog: Noelle Baumgartner


Haylee Huffman, Reporter

Noelle Baumgartner has been a true Bulldog for all of her life. Now, as the time is coming to an end, she will be missed dearly by teachers and peers.

Throughout her years at Lakeview, Baumgartner joined many extra-curriculars to engage in the school community. During the elementary years, she was a Little Bulldog cheerleader and a softball player. Later on in her school career, Baumgartner fell in love with band, finding her passion in it for more than five years playing the flute. As an artist, Baumgartner has had several pieces of her artwork showcased in the art fair and Butler Art Musem. She also was a member of the French club and has also helped tremendously in starting the new school store.

Concerning her academics, Baumgartner has tried many different courses to see what is right for her in the next chapter of her life. She has taken a variety such as chemistry, anatomy, art, and French, but her favorite subjects in school are Carrie Schlatt’s English class and the combined class of psychology and sociology.

Baumgartner plans to go to Youngstown State University to study criminal justice in hopes of becoming a detective.

An important lesson that Baumgartner said she has learned and wants to share with others is “If you take the classes in high school that you think you want to major in when you get to college, then you’ll learn if you actually want to study that field or not.”

Good luck Noelle!