2019 Senior Top Dog: Andrew Oakes


Athena Anastasiadis, Reporter

Senior Andrew Oakes has attended Lakeview his whole life; he is the last child in his family to go through our district after all of his sisters. He is a hardworking student who has been on the honor roll every year.

Throughout his school years, Oakes has stayed very busy with his commitment to academics while also balancing Football, Student Council, Senior Beta, National Honor Society, and French Club activities. Oakes also stays busy in his free time spending time with friends, his girlfriend, and working out at the gym!

Oakes has been in all of the honors classes offered at Lakeview, as well as choosing to take a full schedule of CCP courses this year. Through hard work in CCP courses, Oakes has earned several college credits without even leaving the Lakeview building, and that will be helpful in his next steps of education. Choosing to take the most rigorous classes Lakeview has to offer really shows how dedicated he is to his future, making him a true Bulldog scholar.

I asked Oakes what he will miss most about high school, and he responded with “Friday night football games.”

Oakes will be attending John Carroll University next year to study biology, then he will be attending Lake Erie College of Medicine for medical school. The future Dr. Oakes has been strong in many areas throughout his years at Lakeview and that will definitely help him do big things in his future when all of his hard work and dedication will pay off.

The Bulldog Bulletin wishes him the best of luck!