2019 Senior Top Dog: Clay Lazzari


AJ McClellan, Reporter

Senior Clay Lazzari, is a very respected student as he makes his last couple rounds through the halls of Lakeview high before graduation. He is loved by his peers and teachers as he holds a very valid reputation maintaining high academic success.  Clay is also an exceptional athlete as he played 3 different sports, excelling in all of them. He also received a baseball scholarship as well!

Lazzari played baseball, football, and basketball all throughout his high school career, lettering in all three sports earning a high athlete status. Lazzari also helped his team win the district championship during his junior basketball season, but his main sport is baseball. Because of his phenomenal pitching abilities, Lazzari received an athletic scholarship to attend Notre Dame College of Ohio.

Thinking back on baseball, Lazzari said, “I loved playing baseball here; there was no place I would rather be than out on the field with my teammates.”

Lazzari is planning on going to college to study education and eventually getting a special education job someday. He values his education and plans to give back by working in that field.

Lazzari says that Notre Dame “provides a close family environment” which is why he feels like that school is the right choice for him. He feels at home with his education and sports at this university and can’t wait to join the campus next fall.

Lazzari says, “I’m gonna miss this school and all the memories that I made in it.”

He will forever be remembered in the halls of Lakeview high because of his character and the good person that he is. Clay Lazzari is forever a Lakeview Top Dog.