Bulldogs’ New Attitude Prepares Them For A Bounce Back Season

Abbey Leonard, Reporter

As the last fleeting memories of summer fade away, and the wonderful season of Fall rolls around, visions of pumpkins and fresh leaves dance around our heads, as visions of touchdowns and Friday night lights dance around the heads of the Lakeview High football team.

Senior captains, Isaac Russo and Gabe Senkowitz, are pushing the idea that attitude makes the team.

“The attitude you have in the morning can make or break your entire day”, says Russo.

Both captains have been named as great role models by their younger teammates.

“We are looking to improve every single game and really just exceed everyone’s expectations,” said Senkowitz about his final season at LHS.

This new attitude could perhaps be sparked by the catchphrase heard by most students on a day-to-day basis.

Often stated by Assistant Principal, Michael DeToro, “Make it a great day or not, the choice is yours.”

After a 2018 season with what seemed like a record-breaking number of injuries, head coach for the Bulldogs, Thomas Pavlansky talked about how the Bulldogs were working to prevent injuries this season.

“We always try to teach these boys to play smart and play safe. Football has never been a safer sport than it is today,” Pavlansky said.

The quote for the back of the team T-shirts this year, “Attitude is Everything,” sums up the idea that the whole football team would like to spread throughout the school and community this season in hopes of making an impact.

From the oldest and most looked up to seniors to the youngest of the freshmen everyone is excited for this season to start.

Freshman Cole Oriti said about being a part of the Bulldog team, “It’s honestly one of the best things. We are all just like one big family and I’m so happy to be on the same team as these guys are all so inspiring.”

From the brand new freshman to the quickly rising sophomores is a huge jump and really shows a lot of growth.

Starting sophomore, Jake Wilms, was quick to clear up the misconception that there are just a few stars to look out for.

“There are eleven guys on the field at once and if everyone does their job and plays their part that’s how we win. We win together,” said Wilms.

One of the other starting sophomores, Brady Mocella talked about the upcoming season and how he was feeling.

“Every game is equal to me. Every game is a big game. I think this is going to be a great season and a great year. I’m just ready to play some football,” said Mocella.

After the team struggled last year and with a tough loss in week one the Bulldogs need their fans now more than ever.

Juniors Austin Evans and Kyle Roberts echoed each other in saying, “We hope the community comes out and supports the team.”

Go Bulldogs beat Liberty!