LHS Student Section is on a Rise


Isabella Kakiou and Jarred Maderitz

The Lakeview student section has been at a steady decline in participation for the past couple of years; however, the class of 2020 is trying to change things around when there is still hope. This year four new student section leaders have been elected to flip the student section crisis right side up and allow students to once again experience all of the fun that the bleachers of LHS has to offer!

The Bulldogs had their first home football game on September 6th, and prior to it the first pep rally was held just hours before.

In an interview before the pep rally, student section leader Shelby Nichols said, “I hope I can get through to some of the kids that think they are too cool to go to the games. I want to inform them that they are fun and that they can turn up.”

Nichols’ speech seemed to have made an impact on the underclassmen, as several freshmen and sophomores showed up to support their school later that night.

Sophomore Michael Horn stated, “The student section is a great time, and it’s better than last year.” 

Student Section leader Miles Wagner added to Horn’s excitement by exclaiming, “I love running with the flag when we score touchdowns.”

Student section leader Megan Cross was also satisfied with the numbers of students filling the bleachers for the first home game. She said, “I thought it was a pretty good turnout. There were a lot of underclassmen here. They really showed out.”

With students from all four grade levels cheering on their school, it looks like Lakeview’s student section is back on its rise to greatness.

The students are not the only ones noticing the solid numbers and quality of the student section; the football players are noticing this positive change too.

Sophomore football player Gavin Mauger added that the cheers he is able to hear from the field “really make me want to play for my school and make them proud.”

Football season has just begun. This is only the beginning for the Lakeview student section on its march to success.