Marching Band Takes the Field in New Uniforms


Abby Langmeyer and Lauren Brackin

The Start of the New Uniforms

The Lakeview band has always had a goal of purchasing new uniforms for their marching band season. Finally in 2019, the marching Bulldogs have accomplished their main goal and purchased at least 180 brand new uniforms.

Each uniform costs around $600 dollars a piece, which makes the estimate total to about $108,000 dollars.  The new uniforms consist of all of the musical sections in the band including the majorettes. It was time to retire the old uniforms and create a new change.

The feedback has been positive and supportive of the band’s new decision. Everyone is so excited about this new change for the marching season and can’t wait to continue out the year!

Retiring Old Uniforms

Before the 2019 marching season began, Lakeview band director Nathan Sensabaugh claimed, “Our band has fundraised for about a minimum of 6 years.”

With the help of all the band members, many parents, and the community, this goal would not have been achieved. It was about time the marching band received an upgrade to their season. The band has used the old uniforms for a long time and deserved this new change.

Sensabaugh said, “Back in 1997, the previous uniforms were purchased and they were reaching an age of 22 years old.”

Retiring these uniforms allows the band to start their year with a brand new style. Also, the band was able to sell the old uniforms and put the money towards the new ones.

Senior Maggie Bork claims, “Some of the pants on the old uniforms were sewn so many times that they would not have lasted another season.”

Receiving Feedback

According Sensabaugh, “The new uniforms were well worth the wait.”

Throughout the marching band season so far, they have received nothing but great comments about their new look during their performances. As the band continues to show off all of the 6 different uniform combinations, the crowd has been nothing but excited and impressed by the new style on the band.

Bork states, “These uniforms really display how amazing our sharped dressed band really is!”

The new uniforms truly define our 2019 marching band show.