Lakeview Seniors Decorate the Parking Lot


Madison Harvey and Sebastian Nutter

This year, the class of 2020 came up with a new tradition – painting their parking spot. Many schools around Lakeview already participated in this event which sparked interest within our seniors. Although only a few students have painted spots so far, many plan to begin soon.

Senior Madison Stredney likes the new tradition.

She said, “I think it is a good opportunity for the seniors to participate in. It will give them the opportunity to leave their mark on the school.”

Senior Sydney Whipkey, who has finished her parking spot, had a lot to say about her experience. She enjoyed the time spent with her dad who helped with her spot. She also enjoyed watching the design come to life. Although the price of the paint was quite high, Whipkey still enjoyed getting to experience the first senior activity of the year.

Not only are seniors excited about this opportunity, but teachers and staff are interested in the project as well.

Officer Rice, one of the school’s resource officers, was interested in allowing seniors Liam Boivin and Madison Harvey the opportunity to paint his spot. Many other teachers are also interested in allowing the seniors to paint their spots.

Seniors Megan Cross and Madison Harvey are currently in the process of finishing their spots. The two have been friends since kindergarten which inspired their idea of matching themes on their spots.

Cross said of her experience, “I enjoyed being able to leave my mark on the school I’ve always gone to.”

Seniors can paint their parking spots by purchasing a parking pass from Assistant Principal Michael Detoro and filling out a senior parking spot form found in Detoro’s office.