The Lakeview Lady Soccer Captains Lead An Undefeated Season


Sydney Whipkey and Demetrios Kakiou

As the Lakeview girls soccer team bulldozes through their season undefeated, they take pride in their hardwork and determination, on and off the field.

After the game against Girard on Thursday, September 12th, Captain Isabella Kakiou was thrilled with the end result, as they had won 7-0.

When asked how she thought the season would go, Kakiou was very positive in saying, “I think this is just the beginning, and we’re gonna be here for a long ride.”

The girls soccer coach, Marissa DeFrancesco, was also very proud of her team.

DeFrancesco said, “I’m looking forward to the rest of the season, but we have to be ready to play to the best of our ability, and not wait around. We like to wait, and we gotta attack early.”

A few more members of the team were asked questions about the season and what is expected.

When Junior Hanna Mathews was asked how she felt the season was going so far and what her training schedule was like she responded with, “So far we have been pretty successful this season considering our tough competition. Our training schedule is pretty consistent with games Monday, Wednesday, and Saturday. We practice all days we don’t have a games and we usually have off days on Thursdays.”

Through all the hard work and dedication the team goes through, they also have many fun memories throughout their fall season.

Junior Sydney Dobler explained a humorous story from earlier in the season when she said, “My best memory was when Ella (Freshman) took a corner kick and she headed the ball. As she was walking outsideĀ  of the box she passed out and fell. I laughed and it was really funny.. Shoutout Ella…”

Captains Maddy Clark and Bella Kakiou are the only two seniors on the team this year. They and the rest of the team put roughly 6 hours every week into soccer practice alone to make sure their team is at the top of their game.

The student body wishes the the whole team good luck on the rest of their season and to keep up the good work!