Lakeview Volleyball Off to A Good Start


2019-20 Volleyball Team

Kylie Woods and Tiffany Bartholomew

The Lady Bulldogs Volleyball are off to a good start to kick off their season. This year the Lady Bulldogs are back and better than ever as they are in a 6 game winning streak as they fight to keep the streak going after this weeks match against the Hubbard Lady Eagles.

The Bulldogs are ready to eat this season and they are hungry!

Junior Mara Crish said,  “We’re ready to fight this year and we will stop at nothing to get the job done.

Crish adds, “As a Junior this year, I feel more responsible for what happens and I try to help the freshmen out as much as possible.

Crish also added, “We need to work on our energy as well as staying focused during their games.

The girls have been getting better at staying focused but now they need to add it to their games.

The girls plan on keeping their winning record as they move closer to the end of the season.

Senior Kayla Beil said, “I think we are doing a pretty good job this year we just need to work for what we want because we won’t get stuff handed to us.”

Beil added, “I can’t wait to see what the rest of the season has in store for us!”

Make sure to go out and support your Lady Bulldogs as they make their way to victory.