Teachers Love the New No Phone Rule


Phone Caddy

Liam Boivin and Mara Crish

Everyone is very excited about the new school year! After talking with multiple teachers the most common attitude is overall excitement for the new school year.

Multiple teachers, like Social Studies teacher John Ruane, have been working with Lakeview for several years. Ruane states he has been teaching at Lakeview for “over 24 years this year.” 

Math teacher Kathleen Pavlansky answered the question with the fact that her “first year was back in 1995.

As the class of 2020 grew closer to graduation, they also grew more and more accustomed to having electronic devices with them throughout high school.

This year, the new rule of cell phones remaining out of students’ hands during class has been heavily enforced.

Due to the fact that some of the teachers have been teaching before the normalization of cell phones in class, their opinions are exceptionally valuable on the subject. 

Ruane added his opinion regarding the new rule and he couldn’t be happier. He responded with, “I think it’s very positive” and that he sees, “noticeable changes” this early in the school year.

Along with the idea that the no phone rule is a positive impact, Pavlansky also believes that it, “gives the kids less of a distraction while working in class.” 

It looks like the majority of the teachers at Lakeview are all for the new regulation. They are predicting the students will continue to get more and more out of class without the constant need to check their phones throughout the day. 

The attempt to enforce this rule has been very strong. Faculty is hoping that there will be a new, fresh culture at Lakeview where work is done efficiently and without distraction.