New Students Share Thoughts on Attending Lakeview

Brandon Hatfield and Jack Knight

Quite a few new students are attending Lakeview this school year, so The Bulldog Bulletin approached them with questionnaires but only two responded: freshman Gia Willis and sophomore Aiden Chitwood.

Willis attended Warren G. Harding prior to becoming a Bulldog. Moving from a newer building in an urban school district to an older building in a suburban district has been quite an adjustment for her. 

Willis stated that Lakeview needs more diversity, and “the building needs updated.

She also claims, “WGH has better sports, more diversity, and I feel that WGH fits me and my personality better.

The Bulldog Bulletin welcomes her and hopes that she finds a niche to fit into here at Lakeview.

The next new student attended Niles McKinley before Lakeview.

Chitwood pointed out, “Lakeview is more virtual!

The former Dragon found this as a step up which is part of his favorite things about Lakeview along with the overall energy.

The Bulldog Bulletin extends a warm welcome to Chitwood, as well. Remember, every day is a great day to be a Bulldog!