Homecoming 2019 Excites Students


Isabella Kakiou, Newspaper Editor

The students of LHS are quite enthusiastic about Homecoming being right around the corner. Student Council has finished planning the event for October 19th, and will begin to sell tickets on September 30th, for $15 each! The theme for this years Homecoming is “Chinatown”.

Student Council Vice President, Laura Garvin, expresses “We are trying really hard to make this the best last homecoming for our seniors.” 

Those on Student Council are not the only ones who have started to prepare for the event, many students spanning 9th through 12th grade have shared their plans to make their Homecoming perfect.

Freshman, Lexi Busefink, claims “I am going to take pictures with my friends at Avalon, and then we are going to eat before the dance at the Chophouse.” 

However, Sophomore, Teagan Pierce, explains that she is ditching the fancy restaurants. She excitedly states “I am going to Chick-fil-A before the dance with my friends and I am super excited!”

The boys have shown to be just as excited as the girls are. Some boys have shared how they proposed to their date for the dance.

Senior, Gabe Senkowitz, asked his girlfriend, Junior, Marianna Franco, by constructing a well put together sign that read “Can you picture us at Homecoming?” surrounded by a border of pictures of the two.

Senkowitz expresses, “I am excited to enjoy my last homecoming with my favorite person.”

This year’s Homecoming also has a new special guest. Replacing the commonly unliked DJ from last year known as J-Dub, will be Joshua Murphy, a well-known Lakeview science teacher.

Senior, Austin Vogt, explains, “Mr. Murphy is a really fun guy, and I think that will resonate on the dance floor.”

Murphy is currently taking song requests! He does not want to let anyone down.

You heard it here, Lakeview’s 2019 Homecoming will be one to remember!