Boys Golf Team Finishes The Season Strong


Kylie Woods, reporter

Golf is a sport that on one hand has an individual aspect where each hole played counts toward a player’s own score, but then on the other hand has a team aspect where each player’s score helps the team’s overall score. At Lakeview, the boy’s coach tries to make every single one of his players feel that they are an important part of the team.

Junior Nick Waldron emphasized that team effort in summing up the season.

We ended our season with a 500 record average,” Waldron stated. 

The pride in Waldron’s voice was evident as he talked about this year’s boys golf season.

No one was more proud of the team than their coach, Steve Woofter, who takes pride in coaching this team.

Woofter stated, “I wish we could’ve gone further, but each one of my boys tried their hardest.

Junior Nick DeMonica and Senior Alex Sweet echoed the value of a team effort in measuring success for the season.

DeMonica stated, “As an individual, I played pretty well and I wish that my scores would’ve helped our team more to take us farther than districts.”

As Sweet stated, “I believe for this being my senior year that we all played our best each match. We played for ourselves and for the team as a whole. I wish I could go back and improve more, but I thank everyone for making this year a good one.”

Each member of the team spoken to wishes for better, but is happy with their season. Overall, our boys had a great season going all the way to districts and finishing there. It takes a lot of hard work and dedication to be apart of a team like this.