Seniors Taking a Big Step In The World

Mara Crish, Reporter

Many Lakeview seniors are taking advantage of early action college applications. Four of Lakeview’s overachieving seniors, John Silbaugh, Sydney Whipkey, Laura Garvin, and Maddy Harvey have been applying to colleges since the beginning of September. All four of the seniors received an acceptance letter from the schools they were hoping for.

Silbaugh is really excited to start a new year at Youngstown state university.

I am eager to further my education at YSU but no matter how far away I go I will forever be a Bulldog,” Silbaugh said.

He wants to finish his high school career strong so he can bring the power into his college life.

Whipkey has applied to only one school because she just loves Ohio University so much! From the start, Whipkey knew that Ohio University was her dream school and she wants to further her academic career there.

I’m really looking forward to attending Ohio University because it’s a beautiful campus and I can’t wait to form new relationships with people,” Whipkey responded ecstatically.

Whipkey will be majoring in psychology to become either a school psychologist or a clinical psychologist. She has many people around her thinking that she has a bright future ahead of her.

Garvin however, is taking a different direction for her college choice. Garvin applied and was accepted to The University of Pittsburgh, but she also was accepted into a couple of other schools including YSU and Cleveland State.

“I’m so excited! It’s really cool to see everything coming together for the next chapter of my life,” exclaimed Garvin.

She has many people around her supporting whatever she would like to pursuit.

For the final senior, Harvey was accepted into Cleveland State University. Harvey always had her eyes on CSU.

“I recently got accepted into Cleveland State and I am really excited because it has always been a top option of mine,” Harvey expressed.

Harvey has always been a hard-working person and no matter where she goes, she is known to have success. Harvey is going to major in veterinary medicine.

The four seniors are very excited to start something new at all the different colleges. They all hope to have a lot of success in college just like they did in high school. We all wish the seniors good luck and hope for nothing but the best for them