Girls Tennis Teams Completes Outstanding Season


Abby Langmeyer, reporter

The Lakeview girls tennis team just completed their 2019 season!

The girls worked extremely hard and played to the best of their abilities throughout this year.  Surprisingly, the team had to move their home matches from Willow park to the Trumbull Country Club because the courts at Willow park were undergoing renovation at the time of their 2019 season. But, the team cannot wait until next year to be the first to compete on the brand new Willow park courts.

Despite their new court transition, the team created unforgettable, everlasting memories. Meanwhile, it was a bittersweet season for the 4 seniors, but they are forever thankful for the experience tennis brought to them.

Senior captain Laura Garvin had a fantastic senior season. Garvin qualified for division II girls districts in Akron OH.

Garvin claims, “The competition was tough at Districts.”

She went into districts as the 1st seed of the competition! Earning the 1st seed of the competition made Garvin feel extremely proud of herself.

Garvin states, “The season overall was bittersweet.” 

Realizing that her high school tennis career has ended, Garvin is proud to have accomplished so many great memories and honors with the sport she loves.

Senior Megan Cross will definitly never forget her senior season with the team.

Cross claims, “It was different being a senior and having the underclassmen look up to me, but I did my best to make the season a lot of fun!”

With the help of Cross, the team cherished a lot of fun moments together. These fun moments created a positive bond within the team throughout the season.

Juniors Abbey Leonard and Christine Innocenzi had a great victory during the season. The doubles team won their first varsity match together.

Leonard exclaims, “This victory was one of the most special moments of the season.”

In addition to the victories, the funny moments with the team and learning experience made the season memorable.

Leonard said, “I’ve learned so much from the seniors; they have changed my life in so many ways.”

Leonard and the team were sad to see the four seniors complete their last matches, but everyone is extremely proud of themselves for all the hard work they put into this sport.

Overall, the seniors will be sadly missed, but the rest of team cannot wait until the next season. They hope to have a fantastic season on the new courts at Willow park.