The Season Through The Eyes Of a Freshman Bulldog

Abbey Leonard, reporter

Freshman year at Lakeview is no small task to overcome. This year’s class of freshmen, graduating in the year 2023, are the first group of freshmen in many years to have not attended eighth grade in the high school and also the first class to come to the High School from the K-8 building.

Ask anyone, adjusting to high school isn’t easy; however, when it comes to those involved in football season, freshman year means the beginning of something great!

Though most freshmen do not start varsity their first year, there were a few last year such as Brady Mocella, Jake Wilms, Gavin Mauger, and Ben Stirling all of whom played in at least half of the games in the 2018 season. The freshmen this year are just excited to be out there and dressed in full pads on a Friday night.

Ask any cheerleader, football player, majorette, or band member the energy on the track, sidelines, or in the bandshell is unbeatable.

Freshman cheerleader Alex Piaquadio is excited about her freshman cheer season.

Piaquadio said, “It’s so much fun cheering with the JV girls on Saturday mornings and watching our boys play their hardest.” 

Freshman football player Cole Oriti spends every Friday night and Saturday morning doing what he loves.

He said, “Being out there with my family means the world to me the energy is amazing.”

Though common for the cheerleaders and the football players to feel the energy of “Friday night lights,” the freshmen in the student section feel it too.

Freshman Sydney Poptic said, “I spend every Friday that I can in the student section; the energy there is unlike every other.” 

Bulldogs love Friday nights – what can we say!