Bulldogs Volunteer to End Hunger

Alivia Oravec, Reporter

The students of Lakeview High School have been taught to constantly give back to not only the community but the world. 

Year round, the Bulldogs participate in fundraisers to work to help those in need. In addition, all high school students are required to have a minimum of ten hours of community service each year in order to pass their social studies class. 

Some of these community service opportunities range anywhere from holding kids’ sports camps for activities such as cheerleading, cross country, tennis, and basketball or going to help out at our local nursing home. Big or small Lakeview students are always giving back. 

Students in sophomore English teacher Jenna Hogue’s classes donate to animal shelters, Sr. Beta Club trick or treats for canned goods, and throughout the month of October the cheerleaders raise money for breast cancer awareness and research. 

This year a wonderful service opportunity knocked on Lakeview High School’s doors and this organization was called “Rise Against Hunger,” a service organization that sends dry foods to starving countries around the world. 

Many Lakeview students were involved like Junior Alex Bell who said, “I felt that it was a great way to give back to the community within our own school.”

This event made sophomore Haley Turner say “I realized just how lucky I am to have the opportunities I have here at the High School.”

With the Bulldogs fighting hunger it makes you wonder what will they do next?