Marching Bulldogs Lead Halloween Parade

Abby Langmeyer, reporter

The Lakeview High Marching band has just completed their annual Halloween parade. The parade took place on last Wednesday, October 30th at 6 o’clock. The band marched from the middle school all the way to the high school and played some of their favorite songs of the seasons! In this parade, the marching band got to perform wearing their Halloween costumes.

Many of the students look forward to this parade and dressing up with their musical sections. However, the weather was threatening, but the marching band did not let anything stop them from an excellent performance.

Junior Allie Mark and the cymbal section dressed up as the E-squad.

Mark stated, “I was worried about the rain from the weather ruining my Halloween makeup, but it ended up working out to be a great night!”

Mark was glad to end her junior year of marching band on a fun and spooky note!

Senior Kya Hornbeck dressed up as a character from the video game Fortnite. Hornbeck can’t believe her last year of marching band is complete.

Hornbeck claimed, “I felt so relieved that I didn’t injure myself this year and had so much fun with my last season!”

Junior Avery Probst and the majorettes dressed up as spooky scary skeletons.

Probst stated, “I loved our costumes this year and how we did our skeleton makeup.”

Despite the number of people there, the band continued to go all out with their unique costumes.

Probst said, “The parade made me remember why I love performing in band!”

The 2019 Halloween parade was one last great performance for the marching Bulldogs to end the season.