Defining The Bulldogs

Tiffany Bartholomew and Abbey Leonard

What does it mean to be a Bulldog? A survey was sent out to random class periods showing what the student felt about being Lakeview Bulldogs.

The youngest in the school the freshman were all very positive in their responses to the survey.

Freshman Nick Bott said, “Being a Bulldog is amazing. I love going to Lakeview and seeing the team spirit and support to all of our athletic teams.”

Bott adds, “I also like being a Bulldog because everyone is so nice and friendly at Lakeview.”

Freshman Amber Bailey said, “Being a Bulldog means to always be respectful to everyone in the school and kind towards everyone.”

The sophomores involved in fall sports felt being a Bulldog was focused more on being a team player.

Sophomore football player Brady Mocella felt that it was a reflection of one’s character saying, “To always be there for your classmates and teammates whenever they need you.”

Sophomore cheerleader Brynn Yale feels being a Bulldog is a full circle experience saying, It means that we have fun and still make friends no matter what. We have many clubs and sports to make new friends. This helps us learn about teamwork. Lastly, we have a good education program that you can learn so much more here at Lakeview than anywhere else.”

The juniors of the high school are proud to be Bulldogs.

Varsity soccer player, junior Hanna Mathews grasps the true meaning of what it means to be a Bulldog saying, ¨To be a Bulldog means being hardworking and always striving for the best.¨

As the first nine weeks ends and the last of the fall sports draw to a close the Bulldogs are beginning to reflect on the first quarter of the school year being over.

Junior Alivia Oravec says, “The first quarter has gone by so fast and soon it will be Christmas!”

Oravec added, ¨There’s nothing like being a Bulldog around the holidays. We do so much to help others all year but especially around the holidays!

The Bulldog cheerleaders are participating in an event with the police department known as ¨fill-a-cruiser” this Saturday collecting canned good for local homeless shelters demonstrating that being a Bulldog means to continuously give back to those in need.

Young or old, no matter what our interests are we all have one thing in common: we are all Bulldogs through and through.