Lakeview Students Take On The Blood Drive

Kylie Woods, Reporter

Many students participate in the blood drive every year. It has become apart of one Lakeview’s many ways to helping other people. By participating in the blood drive, you can get all your community service hours for the year. You must be of the age of 16 or older to even take part in this event.

Caitlyn Dales spoke on the event and said “Every year we try to get more and more people to participate in this great cause. I see it as us helping many others who can’t help themselves.”

Lots of students believe that the drive is a very great cause for many people but giving your blood up also frightens many. Many people struggled with the process of their blood getting drawn but the great people who run the event make sure you get what you need once you have finished.

Kylie Giest said “Getting my blood drawn does frighten me a little sense you can see it coming out of you but overall the experience was great and I felt good after”

After the event, all students go back to class but all students are watched very carefully to make sure that getting their blood drawn doesn’t affect them in any negative ways.

Sydney Dobler said “I love helping set up and to see everyone be apart of this event. You get to see how different each person takes in the process of getting it drawn out of you and seeing it happen. Many people need water and a snack after this which I find neat since not everyone feels the same way after.”

Lakeview will continue this event for many years to come hopefully and we all hope to see more and more faces at the drive as time goes on.