Senior’s Thoughts On The Final Football Game


Madison Harvey , Reporter

The Bulldog’s football season recently came to a close on November 1st when they beat Jefferson 15-6. For the class of 2020, this was their last time together for a football game.

This was Senior Sebastian Nutter’s last game as a Lakeview Bulldog. He has played football since he was little when he participated in the Lakeview Little Bulldogs.

When asked what his advice to the underclassmen would be he responded, “I advise all the underclassmen to work their hardest during the off-season in the weight room and during jump stretch session. Also keep your heads up and don’t let our seasons record this year affect them next year.” 

This was also Lita Ramos’s last game marching for the Bulldogs. Although she has the opportunity to participate in the Alumni game next year, it will not be the same.

When asked what she will miss most about marching band Lita responded, “My friend’s can’t be forced to hangout with me at mandatory band practices over summer break anymore and I know i’m going to miss a lot of people i’m so used to seeing everyday.” 

Senior Sydney Whipkey also had some input when asked what she would miss most about friday night football games, “I will miss cheering on my boys every friday night. I will also miss all the friendships I’ve made from cheer. Although I still have basketball season to look forward to, it will not be the same.” 

Sydney has been a cheerleader for most of her life as she also participated as a Lakeview Little Bulldogs cheerleader.

Not only were cheerleaders, band members, and football players upset about the season being over, student section participants were as well.

Senior student section leader Megan Cross said she was, “Proud to be a Lakeview Bulldog” and “Thankful for the opportunity to lead the student section during the 2019 season.”

Although the Bulldogs season has come to a close the friendships made throughout will last a lifetime. This year Lakeview will say goodbye to 9 football players, 29 band members, 3 cheerleaders, and a large group of friends that helped fill the student section.