Lakeview Bids Farewell to Counselor Carsone


Kylie Woods, reporter

Since the beginning of the school year, Julianne Carsone has been the guidance counselor who is filling in while our main counselor  Caitlin Schnurrenberger is on maternity leave. Schnurrenberger is coming back to school starting November 18th and so after just a little more than one 9 weeks period, we are saying goodbye to another counselor.

Carsone says she enjoyed her short time here at Lakeview.

My time at Lakeview was wonderful. I enjoyed getting to know the students and especially helping the seniors with their process of applications for college and scholarships. I felt very welcomed by all the students and staff with my time here at Lakeview.

Many of the students here at Lakeview have gone down to Carsone for help including myself. I found her to be very helpful, she gave me many tips on how I should approach college. Having her be so clear with her words gives me and many other students the satisfaction of knowing that she has her best intentions out for all of us.

Junior Emma Kubic got a great start to her school year with help from Carsone.

I had many problems with my schedule at the beginning of the year and Mrs. Carsone was there the whole time helping me choose what classes were the best for me. Having that extra help on choosing my classes has really made a change in how my year has gone.”

We are all going to be sad to see Carsone go, students and staff. She has helped everyone in the building with her time here. She is greatly appreciated by all for the advice she has given to many students with her few months in the building. No one can thank her enough for stepping up and taking Schnurrenberger’s place for the time being and doing such an amazing job with the time she was given.