Senior Portraits Scheduled for Thursday December 5th

Read on for information about several important yearbook dates.


Prepare to look your best on Senior Picture Day.

Sydney Whipkey, reporter

LHS yearbook staff members are off to a great start designing and putting together the 2020 Epic titled Through the Eyes of a Bulldog. As seniors are always featured prominently in the yearbook, the 2020 edition is no exception. To start, 28 full pages in the front of the book are devoted just to seniors with the senior panorama, senior portraits, baby pictures, senior trip, graduation, senior parade, senior superlatives, senior survey, and the Where are you going? picture. In addition, seniors are highlighted on the pages devoted to each activity, sport, and club they are in.

Accomplishing a great yearbook takes months of work and pictures – lots and lots of pictures!

The first important picture day for Seniors is December 5th. From 7:30 through 3:00 that day, Williams Photography will set up here at the high school to take formal portraits of every senior. The taking of the pictures and the student’s selection of pose are provided free of charge to the yearbook and will be featured in the senior section of the 2020 yearbook as well as the 2020 senior wall composite. The Senior Class fund covers the cost of the wall composite printing. Students may choose to purchase a picture package by contacting Williams Photography studio.

The requirements for the Williams Photography portraits are as follows:

  • Follow your high school dress code and conduct guidelines.
  • Dress in your classiest look.
  • T-shirts with bold patterns such as stripes or patterns, low-cut necklines, glitter, or all white are prohibited.
  • Recommendation: long sleeves, solid and dark colors for all. Collared shirts, jackets, and ties for boys.

All of the pictures will be edited to ensure you are receiving the best pictures. Things such as stray hairs, blemishes, and eyeglass glares can be fixed.

The next important date will be club picture day December 16th. On this day, group pictures will be taken of all Lakeview school clubs, organizations, and committees. Listen in the afternoon for your club to be called to the new gym for its group picture. The last picture of the day is the senior panorama. These pictures will be taken by Inter State Photography and a copy of each picture is provided free of charge for inclusion in the yearbook. Students may choose to purchase a copy of the panorama or any other picture by contacting Inter State Photography.

The third important picture date for seniors is turning in the traditional baby or toddler picture of themselves for inclusion in the senior section of the yearbook. Email this picture by February 14, 2020, to [email protected]. Remember to identify yourself in the subject line of the email and to convert the picture to a jpg format prior to sending.

Last but not least, grab your future college’s merch and prepare for the Where Are We Going? picture. It will be taken sometime in May.

Following the success of the 2018 wall composite and starting with the class of 2019, the school decided to discontinue allowing students to submit their own senior pictures. They were frustrated that the wall composites were not only falling apart but featured fewer and fewer seniors each year, and that for decades close to thirty seniors a year were left out of the yearbook because they did not get senior pictures taken or did not turn them in on time.

Teacher and superviser Angela Sarko says, “Our goal is to create a beautiful, professional looking yearbook and wall composite with ALL seniors included.”

Some students who have spent lots of money on senior pictures are upset.

Senior Sarah Lynch says, “I believe that it is unfair to seniors who have gotten senior pictures already. If their picture isn’t submitted by a certain date, then the school should be able to require them to get the school-mandated picture.”

Senior Megan Zetterquist agrees and says, “I think that it takes the fun away for seniors, and less people are getting their pictures taken because of it.” 

Upset seniors have no fear – the publication staff has your back. The final important feature of seniors occurs right here in The Bulldog Bulletin. Starting this month and continuing through the remainder of the school year, Lakeview’s own online student newspaper will be featuring seniors on the Lakeview campus in the feature LHS Top Dogs. Publication staff will be interviewing seniors for these articles and requesting accompanying pictures. As our online program features unlimited space, seniors may submit as many appropriate senior portraits as they wish and these pictures can be seen by anyone accessing The Bulldog Bulletin online. The official Lakeview senior portrait and sports portraits can also be used as featured images for these articles.