Midterms Fast Approaching LHS


Demetrios Kakiou, Editor

Every student in Lakeview High School has to buckle down and study for a big semester final in all of their classes. Many students get overwhelmed for these tests living sleepless all week. While others don’t let the stress haunt them choosing to go with the flow and hope for the best results.

Lakeview senior Lauren Brackin explains how it is her last year of high school finals and she is going to ¨Look over terms but not over-study things to keep stress levels at an average.¨

Speaking of Brackin’s stress levels, there are many steps in the studying process that students take to reduce stress and anxiety.

Senior, Kayla Beil , says, ¨Take It One Test at a Time. One of the most challenging parts of midterms is that you’re bombarded with so many of them at once.¨

Beil is a stress free student when it comes to finals week because she does not let things pile up on her shoulders. When she focuses on one test at a time it is just like studying for a normal chapter test and the anxiety of ¨Midterms¨ doesn’t even cross her mind.

Senior Sebastian Nutter´s test tip is to ¨Eat a Hearty Meal. Eating a good meal the night before the test can help calm your nerves.¨

A protein filled breakfast is important to keep the sustained energy needed during a big test. Eating a breakfast that includes protein can also lessen anxiety which can make a world of difference during the big week.

When Senior Jack Knight was asked what his big studying tip was he Jokingly stated, ¨I sleep wake up then sleep some more.¨

With all jokes aside getting Some Good Zzz’s is imperative to having the brain power needed to concentrate for hours on end. If a student stays up till 3 a.m. studying the format needed for the test, there is a large chance that they will perform the same as not studying at all due to not having the energy to concentrate.

Outside of preparation for the test there are also crucial points that need to be taken during the test

Junior Anna Peterson explains how you need to ¨read the test directions very carefully and watch for details.¨

When taking a test many students’ performance is impacted from those ¨Stupid Mistakes.¨ These can be easily prevented by taking your time and reading the problems/directions effectively.

Senior Megan Zetterquist was asked for her personal tips in the middle of the big test. Zetterquist simply stated, “If you don’t know it, put C.¨

Looking at this, one may think she is joking, but this is actually a very good philosophy. On a test, you must never leave a question blank because that gives you a zero percent chance of getting it correct. Keep in mind that no matter what, in multiple choice you have a 25% chance at the end of the day.

Overall, if students take in these simple tips, finals week will go by like a breeze and there will be no anxiety and stress attached. Good luck to the Lakeview students on their 2019 midterms!