LHS Best Play in District 5 Honors Band

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LHS Best Play in District 5 Honors Band

Brandon Hatfield, Reporter

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On Saturday November 9th, at Stambaugh auditorium, students in band classes from Ashtabula, Trumbull and Mahoning Counties, played a concert proving they are the best. Nine students make up Lakeviews Honor band.

Lakeview students gained valuable experience through this activity.

Senior Jackson Gillis stated, “It was highly beneficial to my musical capability which boosts my confidence on pursuing a musical career.”

Being a part of Honors Band helps students gain the respect of  colleges and future employers; it is much like volunteer work in the extracurricular aspect. But Honors Band is also important to the development of the individual.

Junior Connor Pawlosky claimed, “Honors band is important to me, it makes me feel accomplished and proud.

Pawlosky also added, “I would also like to congratulate my fellow band members.”

Honors Band was an astounding way for advanced band members to bring their talents together, meet new people, and create a cherished memory they will never forget.