Girls Basketball Team Excited About The New Year


Mara Crish, Photographer

The girl’s basketball team has been very excited to start getting after it since their season ended. The girl’s record last year wasn’t too amazing, but they have decided to change that this year. Throughout the summer the girls have been working hard. They attended quite a few scrimmages to show the other teams what they were made of.

June is the month to work hard because as someone once said, “Basketball players are made in June”.

The girls lost one senior last year but gained 7 freshmen this year. They have a total of 16 girls this year. The frosh seem very excited about moving up from middle school sports to high school sports.

Not only are they excited, but so is Junior Mara Crish who exclaims, “I’m very excited to see how the team executes together. Some of us have never played with each other before so it’ll be fun to see some new faces on the court. I hope that we can change the way people view girls basketball because we haven’t been given that much love. I hope to see more people from the community at our game.” 

The girls basketball officially starts their season on 11/22, this Friday.

Senior Megan Zetterquist had a lot to say about the first game being so close, “We have been working very hard to flip the narrative of our team. We’re competing with high intensity with each other during practices and hopefully, we can continue to have high energy throughout our games. We’re all excited to compete in our first game against Howland and hopefully, we are able to change everyone’s perception about us.”

With that being said, it seems like the girls are very excited to hop on their horse and run up and down the court with Howland Friday.