Cold Weather Coming to Lakeview


Jack Knight, reporter

The cold has finally come to Ohio and the students in the building are really feeling the cold. With temperatures of around forties to mid twenties and it’s only going to get colder.

Students all have their thoughts on the cold.

Senior Demetrious Kakiou offered, “Make sure to keep an emergency coat in your car at all times.

The new coat policy at Lakeview makes it harder for students to stay warm because we have to double maybe even triple layer to stay warm in the building.

Senior Matthew Koffel stated his opinion on the new coat policy, “The new coat policy came as a sudden shock.

Koffel went on to say, “I understand the concern with book bags, but I am not entirely certain I would like to take my coat off when it is 20 degrees. Some people do not want to wear the same sweatshirts everyday.”

The cold also has an attitude effect on some students.

Senior Brandon Hatfield had some thoughts about mood changes when the weather changes and his response was “Temperature changes put me on edge.”