Kakiou Achieves Outstanding Titles

Abby Langmeyer, Reporter

Senior, Bella Kakiou, has just completed her final year of soccer at Lakeview High School. Kakiou has been playing soccer since the age of four years old, therefore she was able to develop a strong relationship of love and passion for the sport. With all of her hardwork and determination throughout the years, Kakiou has achieved outstanding soccer titles and rewards.

During her senior year, Kakiou was titled with the honorable award of All State! Following the All State title, she achieved Player of the Year for the NE8 conference. And not to forget, she received all district! All of her family and friends are extremely proud of her accomplishments.

Kakiou’s senior season of soccer was unforgettable. Achieving all of her awards, showed how all of her hard work finally paid off.

She states, “I’m grateful for everything I have accomplished, and for everyone that helped make it happen!”

Without the help from her coaches and family, Kakiou would not be the soccer player she is today.

Coach Marissa Defrancesco clarifies, “It was an honor itself to coach an athlete like Bella. Her passion and dedication for soccer was above and beyond.”

Not to forget, Kakiou’s  team mates were the best support system an athlete could have.

Junior Emma Kubic expresses, ” The team and I could not be more proud. Next year will not be the same, we are all going to miss her so much.” 

After graduation, Kakiou plans on continuing her soccer career at Mount Union University or Indiana University of Pennsylvania. Whichever University she attends, all of her family and friends will support her decisions.