Tips on Staying Healthy This Winter


Liam Boivin, Reporter

Year after year, countless kids come barreling into Lakeview School nurse, Maureen Paczak’s office with various problems. Many of which are classic common colds, or just a case of the sniffles. But Lakeview’s health teacher, Cory Lanterman, provided a number of tips for our students to stay free of sickness this winter.

First off, Lanterman suggests the students “stay away from high trafficked areas in the hallways, such as water fountains.” He notes that “these areas are germ infested and you’re just asking to catch something.”

Lanterman proposed the alternative to carrying your own water bottle around and refilling them in the hands-free water bottle fillers in the hallways.

Staying healthy also goes beyond the hallways. Lanterman stressed how important getting your vitamins in this weather change is. 

“Keeping a strong immune system is key,” Lanterman claimed. This can mean washing hands, drinking water, and even sticking to a solid shower routine. All these basic hygiene habits will serve you very well as the temperature outside starts to drop.

Paczak also adds, “The importance of getting your rest in this time of year.” She noted how there was more people sick earlier this year. This just adds to the critical advice that everyone should be very careful with controlling germs and making sure they do not spread.

Paczak notes, “There has been a variety of different illnesses this year with multiple students asking for assistance.” This just proves that everyone has to be more aware of keeping healthy.