2020 Top Dog: Sydney Whipkey


Alivia Oravec, reporter

Senior Sydney Whipkey is a caring, friendly, and happy person. She has attended Lakeview since 5th grade after she moved here from Warren. Whipkey has worked nonstop to achieve her goal of taking on college credit plus courses like Algebra, Trig, Writing 2, and Investigations as well as Microeconomics her junior and senior year.

As a junior, Whipkey was accepted into NHS and is still in it today. All while doing this, she spent many hours doing many other things like cheer. She has cheered all four years of High School.  Her favorite memory from cheer is the scavenger hunt, team bonding, and decorating Coach’s house with toilet paper and streamers, which they do every year.

After High School, Whipkey plans to attend Ohio University starting next fall. She says this was one of her top colleges she wanted to go to. She will be working toward a four year degree in psychology for school or clinical work. 

One of Whipkey’s favorite memorials from High school is, “Waking up and going to breakfast with the seniors before senior sunrise. It was something fun we tried this year and I recommend it to any underclassmen in the future.”